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Welcome to CBD Heat Packs

Welcome and experience CBD Heat Pack. We at Herbal Concepts handcraft all natural, thermapeutic, aromatherapy heat packs. Our packs are made to help relieve muscular pain, increase circulation, enhance relaxation, calm stress, soothe tension and revitalize overall wellbeing.

How It Works:

Packed with a variety of organic hemp and natural grains, the CBD Heat Pack is easy to use and ready in minutes. Microwave heating converts the organic hemp into useful CBD and activates the heat retaining qualities of the flaxseed and wheat.

Our Packs:

There are a variety of colors and wrap styles available with the CBD Heat Packs. Each pack is made from organic recycled hemp fabric. They also come in a choice of scent options, including flax, wheat hemp and flax, wheat, hemp, and an herb mix of peppermint, spearmint and

Come order your thermapeutic CBD Heat Pack today, made with care! Relax Better. Relax Naturally

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