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Usage Instructions

Using Your CBD Heat Pack

Simply warm your CBD Heat Pack™ in the microwave, gently shake to distribute heat evenly, then relax and allow the soothing aromas to gently seep into your lungs while the comforting heat melts away pain and stress. Your CBD Heat Pack™ is jam-packed with the finest organic hemp and 2 of nature’s super, heat retaining grains, flaxseed and wheat. The combination of these amazing ingredients creates a powerful therapy tool to help heal and comfort your aches and pains.

Your CBD Heat Pack™ can be reused over and over again, for just pennies per use. Keep in mind that even though our packs are bursting with fresh ingredients, they can lose their aroma over time. Extend the life of your heat pack, with our signature CBD Heat Pack™ Refresher Spray, now available in 3 natural, botanical scents; Pure, Soothing and Rejuvenating. CBD Heat Pack™ Refresher Spray gives your heat pack an instant boost of CBD potency and an extra burst of aromatics.

  1. Begin heating pack from room temperature only
  2. Place on clean, dry microwave safe plate
  3. Allow turntable to rotate freely
  4. Heat pack 1 minute
  5. Add 30-second heating increments as needed Do not exceed 3 minutes total
  6. Gently shift mix to evenly distribute heat throughout pack
  7. Check temperature before use
  8. Heating times vary by product. Go to specific product page for maximum heating time.

Caring For Your CBD Heat Pack

Care Tips

Always inspect your CBD Heat Pack™ for damage before and after use. Initiate heating from room temperature and ensure your pack is clean, dry, and free from soil or dirt. Spot clean fabric with a damp cloth. Do not submerge the pack in water or cleaners. Extend the life of your CBD Heat Pack™ by storing cooled pack in an airtight bag or container. Always store in a cool, dry environment.

Spot clean fabric with damp cloth. Do not submerge pack in water or cleaning solutions. Air dry. No bleach. No iron.

Pack contents may be hot. Protect yourself, exercise caution and common sense when heating and handling. Do not overheat, follow directions. Use properly functioning microwave. Overheating may damage pack. Initiate heating from room temperature. Pack must be clean and dry, free from soil. Only the fabric can be spot cleaned. Do not submerge pack in water or cleaners, inspect pack for damage before and after use. Do not use if damaged. External use only. Contact doctor if you have preexisting conditions or decreased perception of pain or temperature.

CBD: a naturally occurring phytocannabinoid (the chemical compound of the Cannabis plant) found in hemp. CBD is non-psychoactive, it will not give you the “high” of marijuana. The US has designated hemp to contain no greater than 0.3% THC by weight.

Herbal Pack: a fabric shell filled with herbs and grains

Aromatherapy: the use of herbs as therapy to provide comfort, relieve tension, stress, alleviate discomfort from minor ailments

Thermapeutic: using temperature to activate natural herbs and grains – treats muscles, stress, tension, pain or discomfort

Recycled Fabric: Recycled fabric, in our case, organic hemp and organic cotton are textiles created from the process of converting hemp and cotton scraps and/or fabric by-products into finished fibers that can be reused in our CBD Heat Pack™ products. We aim to be good to your body and to the earth!

Natural: ingredients used are grown in a natural environment

Therapy: a treatment intended to relieve or comfort

What Makes Us Special

  • Organically grown industrial hemp
  • Locally farmed flaxseed and wheat
  • Recycled hemp and organic cotton fabric
  • Microwavable heat pack
  • US Utility Patent Pending
  • US Patent #D629,178S

Natural Aromatherapy and Thermapeutic Care can reduce and alleviate:

  • Nausea
  • Inflammation
  • Depression
  • Muscle spasms
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Joint pain
  • Cramps
  • Stress
  • Tension

I drive a truck and sit for long periods of time, I needed something I could take with me and heat up in my hotel room to relax. The CBD Heat Pack neck wrap has been a blessing. Just heat for 2 minutes and I can wear while I watch TV. The red is a nice color.

John T.

I received a CBD Heat Pack comfort pack as a thank you gift from a friend. It is amazing! Very soft, heats up easily in the microwave and pleasant smelling. Very relaxing on my lower back muscles. I had used a rice bag for years, but the flaxseed and organic hemp are huge improvement. The wrap feels so good next to my skin and it forms to my body. It feels warmer than the rice bags too. Love it, thanks!

Lois H.

This is an amazing product and helps my family members with Rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve read about CBD and thought I’d give it try. It is large enough to wrap around several different places in the body, heats wells, helps relax muscles, etc. However, it's not too big or heavy or cumbersome. It was a great purchase! I might need two!

Alex R.

What a great product! Was looking for a CBD product that was different than the same oils and lotions that everybody sells. The CBD Heat Pack is something really different and it is big enough to cover both neck and shoulders, which is where I carry my stress. This has a nice gentle weight, is easy to wear around the house hands free. Highly recommended!

LeeAnn S.

Soft fabric, smells good-I ordered the 1 with the organic hemp. The wrap covers a large area around the neck & shoulders. My husband really liked it also. I ordered the sterling grey one for my mom who has trouble sleeping, she loved it too. We have been using this in the microwave every night for the last couple weeks and we have not had any problems.

Rachel W.
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