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Innovation & Commitment

CBD Heat Pack is the brainchild of those at Herbal Concepts.

The CBD Heat Pack brand is deeply rooted the 20+ years Herbal Concepts has been an industry leader in crafting natural pain relief alternatives designed to balance our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Fast forward to the Congress passing the 2018 US Farm Bill and the explosion of CBD products into the marketplace. CBD is an abbreviation for Cannabidiol, which is a compound found in the hemp plant. Although industrial hemp and cannabis are the same species, they are bred differently. CBD is non-psychoactive. It contains less than 0.3% THC. Consider the apples at your local grocery store, Granny Smith and Red Delicious are both apples, but they are bred to look and taste differently.

Recently, the CBD phenomenon has taken the world by storm.

Originally discovered in the 1940’s, scientists and researchers are racing to link the health benefits of CBD and how it works with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

Herbal Concepts, with its long-standing history of innovation and commitment to natural, pain relief alternatives, quickly recognized the healing potential of combining CBD with the comfort of an aromatherapy heat pack. Our unique process of converting the organic hemp into useful CBD takes place each time the pack is heated in the microwave. The CBD enters the body as it is breathed in through the lungs and absorbed through the skin. We’ve designed 3 unique CBD Heat Packs, using red wine and sterling grey recycled, organic hemp fabric. Each design is jam-packed with locally grown, organic hemp and natural grains for long lasting, soothing comfort and relaxation.

Relax Naturally. Relax Better.

Strong Roots

Our Timeline

1996 – Began making aromatherapy wraps
1998 – Hired 12 team members to meet growing demand
2002 – Relocated office and production facility to Clackamas, Oregon

2004 – Established private label business with Crabtree & Evelyn
2005 – Product now available nationwide via Bed, Bath & Beyond partnership
2006 – Launched global manufacturer partnership with one of the world’s largest spa distributors, Universal Companies
2007 – Established Kōzi™

2010 – Secured United States Patent, US D629,178S Neck & Shoulder Wrap
2014 – Established private label business with Brookstone
2017 – Partnered with Hallmark to develop, design and manufacture Crafters & Co. aromatherapy wraps
2018 – Experiencing continued growth in private label market. Mfg. extensive lines for Universal Companies, Vermont Country Stores and Gardeners Supply, as well as individual silhouettes for Huggaroo, Zorelle and Asani

Launched CBD Heat Pack™, CBD Heat Pack™ Refresher Spray. Kōzi brand transition to exclusive distribution by Universal Companies. Watch for the launching of our next brand, a sophisticated aromatherapy product line called Tranquil Heat.

Quality Ingredients

Organic Industrial Hemp
Our Work

Crafted With Care

We believe the quality of our products are enhanced by the people that make them. Our amazing team members take great pride in skillfully designing, hand-cutting, sewing and packaging each CBD Heat Pack™ order that is placed. You don’t find many places left in the world where each item is made to order and where craftspeople put their hearts and souls into their work. That’s why our products stand out. Our people are outstanding. You’ll see, smell and feel the difference. Relax Better. Relax Naturally.

Thermapeutic Care

Thermapeutic care uses temperature to soothe and comfort your tired, injured, or overworked body. Microwave heating activates the healing qualities of the aromatic herbs, grains and CBD tucked inside each pack. Muscles, joints and tendons relax as the heated pack penetrates deep into tissue. Stress and tension melt away as circulation, blood flow, oxygenation and detoxification improve. The result is calming and rejuvenating. You’ll feel relieved, refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated. Relax Better. Relax Naturally.

I drive a truck and sit for long periods of time, I needed something I could take with me and heat up in my hotel room to relax. The CBD Heat Pack neck wrap has been a blessing. Just heat for 2 minutes and I can wear while I watch TV. The red is a nice color.

John T.

I received a CBD Heat Pack comfort pack as a thank you gift from a friend. It is amazing! Very soft, heats up easily in the microwave and pleasant smelling. Very relaxing on my lower back muscles. I had used a rice bag for years, but the flaxseed and organic hemp are huge improvement. The wrap feels so good next to my skin and it forms to my body. It feels warmer than the rice bags too. Love it, thanks!

Lois H.

This is an amazing product and helps my family members with Rheumatoid arthritis. I’ve read about CBD and thought I’d give it try. It is large enough to wrap around several different places in the body, heats wells, helps relax muscles, etc. However, it's not too big or heavy or cumbersome. It was a great purchase! I might need two!

Alex R.

What a great product! Was looking for a CBD product that was different than the same oils and lotions that everybody sells. The CBD Heat Pack is something really different and it is big enough to cover both neck and shoulders, which is where I carry my stress. This has a nice gentle weight, is easy to wear around the house hands free. Highly recommended!

LeeAnn S.

Soft fabric, smells good-I ordered the 1 with the organic hemp. The wrap covers a large area around the neck & shoulders. My husband really liked it also. I ordered the sterling grey one for my mom who has trouble sleeping, she loved it too. We have been using this in the microwave every night for the last couple weeks and we have not had any problems.

Rachel W.
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